Marta Valbuena

A Spanish fashion brand created by Marta Valbuena which has successfully
conceived its own personalized and timeless style. Comfort and elegance are the main characteristics of the collection inspired by diverse environmental and cultural references.

For the last 18 years Marta Valbuena have been working in development projects
in different African and Asian countries. She discovered not only ways of life, but also a wide range of artistic, cultural and philosophical displays. Seeing this world of colour and the immense possibilities surrounding her, she started to make her own clothes in small tailoring workshops in different countries: Cameroon, CAR, Mali, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and more recently, Vietnam and Bali.

In 2012 Salvador Enrich and Marta Valbuena created in Bali the branch which style suggests a particular way of looking at life; more joyful and closer to the world of arts than trends dictated by fashion.
These designs transport us to a world with no rules, replenished with creativity, elegance and comfort.



Our pieces are carefully made with the highest quality in our small sewing workshop of women that is located in Sading, a nice village in Bali.


The soul of the dresses is based on their unsuspecting characters handcrafted using techniques such as patchwork, embroidery, serigraphy and batik.  Colour is the most prominent feature of this collection with beautiful and intense visual combinations.


Each item is unique which means there may be differences in the production of each model. Marta Valbuena creations are never mass-produced in a factory and quite limited (limitados). They are lovingly hand-made by skillful local artisans. Building relationships, exchanging ideas and working closely with makers is a vital part of the creative process for us, so we work exclusively with small workshops and enterprises.


Exclusivity is guaranteed but that does not mean a prohibitive final price. We bet for high quality and long-lasting pieces that you will always care about and keep for a long time.

Marta Valbuena is a free artist and runs away from the restrictions that some commercial brands dictate. This fact probably does not make us better than others- and, of course, neither richer- but it certainly makes us different.


The main material chosen for the collection are different kinds of rayon, all made in Indonesia, together with a prestigious collection of Asian cottons and Balinese batiks. The fabrics and  accessories are bought to small distributors to support the local economy.




Marta Valbuena is committed to work in ethical condition with local communities and respecting as much as possible the environment (del cual somos maximos amantes y defensores).


We are also a company with social responsibility which collaborate with different ngos such as: Bali Life Foundation (Empower disadvantaged community especially children and women), Bali Pets Crusaders ( sterilizacion of homeless dogs and cats in Bali) and Villa Kitty Foundation (Shelter of abandoned cats and dogs in Bali).


Nuestro sueño es la de hacernos mas grandes para llegar a  tener mayor impacto en los proyectos de desarrollo social y medioambiental con los cuales actualmente colaboramos.


We believe that if everybody will contribute just a little bit more the world will be much more beatifull….