We are committed to supporting local NGOs that are trying to make a difference on the island which requires an amazing effort. We are always committed to vulnerable people and stray animals.


This is a small NGO empowering communities in need. The Bali Life Foundation runs an orphanage and a women’s center workshop where vulnerable women are taught to create handicraft and jewelry for a monthly salary.

Marta Valbuena has designed a puppets’ collection produced by the Bali Life Foundation. Part of the sale proceeds go to [¨¨¨].

This is an Australian-US NGO dedicated to animal welfare through their sterilization project.

There are more than 50K stray dogs and an unknown number of stray cats living on Bali, many of which are sick thus spreading more diseases that generate more suffering among animals.

Marta Valbuena contributes every month to the sterilization of stray dogs and cats that live in our surrounding with BPC.


Villa Kitty is an Australian NGO sheltering more than 200 cats and 34 dogs. They also run a
sterilization program that tries to address one of the main problems on the island.

Marta Valbuena has designed a cloth collection for Villa Kitty, with part of the monthly
benefits being aimed at funding this NGO and their projects.

Marta lives in a villa with her 10 rescue dogs and 2 cats. As part of her daily routine, Marta and
her dogs take long sunrise walks on the beach and sunset walks across Bali’s rice fields.
Everyday Marta feeds more than 40 stray dogs in and around her neighborhood.

A few months ago, we joined forces with some of Bali’s artists by launching “Bali Artists for Bali Animals”. This is an initiative to raise awareness of stray animals and to help raise funds to improve animal welfare on Bali.

There are nearly 500,000 stray dogs and cats on Bali and only a few active organizations on the island doing their best to improve their lives including, Villa Kitty, Lucky Dogs Bali Rescue, BAWA, BARC, Bali Pets Crusaders, and I love Bali Dogs. All of these organizations are struggling to raise funds to keep on with their projects.

Volunteers, Bali artists, designers, models, and photographers contribute to create photography and video content using stray dogs  through their social media channels. It is hoped that this will lead to :

–        reaching a wider audience and raising awareness of the problems of stray Bali dogs and cats; and

–          raising funds and promoting the adoption of stray dogs and cats on the Island.

This has been the first photoshoot for this cause. All dogs have been rescued. Some are still looking for a welcoming, permanent home. If you want to help or contribute to this project in anyway please speak up and give us your views by responding to this email